Sylvia Camarda and Sascha Ley devote an interdisciplinary evening of theater to the woman of pain and get surprisingly close to the heroine.

Always changing, always new, always surprising. Who is the dancer, who is the singer, who is the actress? The boundaries are blurred. (...) Sometimes there is also a tinge of absurdity. (...) At the end the songs are sad, the fight becomes a dance of death. And yet we see no victim, but both a strong and desperate woman. Even in these terms, the performance is incontestable. Strong. German daily newspaper Trierischer Volksfreund (D), 7.5.2014, DIL


A ribbon around a bomb - "Mi Frida" a dance theatre performance

The performance succeeds with humour and seriousness to immerse ourselves in the ambiguous world of this artist. (...) Composed of a set of small paintings, Mi Frida is more like a puzzle. In fact, each piece : dance, voice, singing, video projection, reading, testimony, light, music ... reflects a facet of this charismatic character. The interest of Frida Kahlo, to associate the macabre beauty, but also create extreme tensions between disability and intoxicating femininity is reflected accurately in this play. The sensual, intriguing and tortured artist is unveiled by Sascha Ley and Sylvia Camarda in a face to face with the pain, but also with herself and the audience (...) "Mi Frida" gives us a glimpse on this endless struggle with pain. (...) Without ever falling into caricature, Sascha Ley and Sylvia Camarda are able to translate the artist individual inner strength. A latent force that gradually comes to life, sparkling, then escaping with more or less violence, whether through a hesitant gait, spasms or larger and faster movements. Using the image of the duo as the two personalities becoming one and the same individual, Sascha Ley and Sylvia Camarda play on the duality of Frida Kahlo. Luxemburger Wort (L) 07.05.2014 , Mireille Petitgênet

Two women in one

A more than singular universe, completely recaptured the course of an evening by Sascha Ley and Sylvia Camarda (...) A strange and disturbing reinterpretation, appropriate to that particular artist.

Two women in one, both with a strong personality and a high fragility, constructed and deconstructed by identity transfers, in different bodies, drawing close to the artist’s autobiography. A suite of obsessions, fears, frustrations in a maze of sets, accessories, and a large work image, video and interrelated testimonials; the audience is immersed in two worlds. A  first world: the boundless joy and inspiration, and a second world: the loneliness, the margin and the difficulty to fit in a system, playful in an irreversible shift to fear, terror and aspiration in life and its calamities, contained in her self-portraits’ metaphors. (...)

" Mi Frida " explores the complexities of life and an artistic entity, always in the eye of the storm and on the razor's edge. Passion, controversy and duality of soul and body (...) A performance, that leaves nobody indifferent. Tageblatt (L), 8.5.2014, Céline Agnes


The reality of Frida Kahlo is depicted by Sascha Ley and Sylvia Camarda through their arts: singing, dancing, sounds, playing, to show her suffering, her loves, her accident which were part of her life. The mixture of arts and rhythms creates a magical together for a performance both hard and fun. Connoisseurs and curious, I recommend you see this show come and share this reality! Grrrrr (F), 06.05.14, Lucie Jeannot