A Dance Theatre Collage


A dance theatre collage, based on Frida Kahlo's life and myth 

Artistic direction, text, music & performance :: Sascha Ley

Choreographie & performance :: Sylvia Camarda

Artistic assistance & videos :: Jérôme Konen

Costumes & stage set :: Ulli Kremer

Produced by Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, KNH and Mierscher Kulturhaus 

Opening May 6, 2014 at the Théâtre des Capucins Luxembourg (L)


The painter Frida Kahlo, artistic epitome of ancient and modern Mexico alike, still radiates a unique poetic glamour. Mexico’s most famous artist, who already achieved cult status in her own days, sparks off enthusiasm till today. Time and time again her work gets rediscovered and enjoys a popularity caused not just by her paintings, but by her colorful and intriguing personality as well.


The Luxembourgish artists - singer/actress Sascha Ley and the dancer Sylvia Camarda - explore this myth. Using their own talents – dance, voice, singing, performance – they dive into Kahlo’s artistic universe.


Sascha Ley, herself no newcomer to dance theatre and well accustomed to working with dancers, shapes the dialogue by using her voice, creating songs and sounds oscillating between instantaneous improvisation and fixed composition.

Sylvia Camarda’s forceful dance and distinctly dynamic style shape the project’s physical dimension.


Mi Frida is conceived as an investigation into the myth and its fascination, as a play with the poetry of ambiguity, i.e. how it feels like to live between extreme pain and extraordinary fulfillment.


After her death Frida Kahlo became a popular icon, her art and personality still causing enthusiasm well beyond Mexico’s borders. Apart from her obvious sexual appeal und her various excesses, described by all too many biographers, what remains in public memory are above all her paintings, her relentless battle against pain, her love to Diego Rivera and last but not least her flamboyant appearance.


It may well be, that we tend to see our own longings and aspirations embodied by this extraordinary lady: her inner strength, passion, unconditional love and distinct individuality.